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GMA revealed new face of poverty
Reporter Micaela Papa of GMA News TV, The Philippines, discusses “The Brigade,” which won the 2014 One World Award, sponsored by the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ). Her film exposed the practice of paying children $1 a day to dive in polluted waters to harvest crude oil.

Chocolate, with a twist
Felix Courvoisier, producer and owner of Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG, Zurich, says he set out to make a film people “would enjoy watching, not be forced to watch,” when he created “Sweet Tokyo,” a corporate film for chocolatier Confiseur Läderach AG.  He used cultural differences and a twist of plot to make it successful and a 2013 Best of Festival winner.

Film demanded special equipment, patience
“They’re so damn fast,” producer-director Paul Reddish says of the tiny stars of “Hummingbirds-Jeweled Messengers," which won Best of Festival-Documentary in 2013. He wrote and directed the project, which followed the 1,000-kilometer journey of ruby-throated hummingbirds. It was done by Terra Mater Factual Studios and Free Spirit Films Production, Vienna, for UK TV. Reddish explains the need for special equipment and a lot of patience needed for such a venture.

A universal story of family
“Being happy cannot be taken for granted,” says Jun Kimura. “I believe that the most important aspect in TV dramas is to effectively portray the human existence.” Jun Kimura, producer of “Lessons” for Kansai Telecasting Corp., winner of Best of Festival-Entertainment in 2012, discusses his project.

A Conversation of Revitalization
“Heritage Saved Is History Preserved” tells the story of the restoration of the city of Deventer, The Netherlands, which won the One World Award in 2012. Producer Henk van Mierlo of Henk van Mierlo VOF Advertising Agency and Photo-Film Studios, Deventer,  explains how he and staff talked to people to get their stories and then used multiple cameras and layers to show what appears to be a conversation while also showing parts of Deventer.

Finding Hope in Rubble
Yoko Nakamura, Kazuma Awakawa and Saori Abe of Fuji Television Network, Tokyo, discuss how they set out to tell the story of areas devastated by the tsunami through “pioneers,”  who were rebuilding their businesses. “Pioneers in the Land of Rubble - Recovering from the 3/11 Disaster” won 2012 Best of Festival-Documentary.

Motors Become a Symphony
Michio Kokubu, producer, BIS Inc., talks about the challenge of mixing the sounds of Honda products with the sounds of daily life to create a melody that eventually turns into a glorious chorus from Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony.”  The film, done for Honda, won 2011 Best of Festival-Corporate.

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