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Entrant: RT / Moscow
Production Company: RT / Moscow
Producer: Ángela Gallardo Bernal; Director: Helena Villar Ortega
Additional Credits: Cinematographer: Pablo Mediavilla Costa; Editor: Javier de Santa Ana Ortiz

Eighty years after the coup following the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, survivors and relatives demand truth, justice and reparation. Never in the recent history of Spain has a state policy been established to clarify what happened or provide official figures on the number of missing persons, something denounced on numerous occasions by NGOs and international organizations such as the United Nations. Several associations, prestigious professionals and magistrates place the number of disappeared at 114,226 people, which would place Spain as the country with the second highest number of state-sponsored abductions whose remains have not been recovered or identified in the world after Cambodia.
At the judicial level, the first investigation, opened by judge Baltasar Garzón, was closed, so the crimes of the Franco regime are currently being investigated in Argentina rather than Spain—the country that actually committed these crimes. The absence of reparations is a consequence of the above. At present, thousands of families still cannot give a dignified burial to their missing loved ones and thus close an open wound. At the same time, there are victims of other crimes of the Franco regime, such as former prisoners, slaves or people tortured, who must live while the crimes committed against them remain unpunished.
The purpose of this production is to show the complex situation surrounding these events that is still developing. The fact that there has not been an official political stance of what happened means that there is an absence of audio-visual productions on the totality of crimes that occurred under Francoism. There are documentaries and programs based on what happened in specific places in Spain or on very specific items, such as specific political prisoners or missing people, but these were a novelty. As a result, to make a production that encompassed all (or almost all) aspects of the crimes that occurred was a major challenge. One of the main objectives was, beyond the figures, studies and international organizations, to place the true protagonists at the center: victims and relatives. Never has a Spanish government paid any homage to the victims of its recent dictatorship, so they silence the voices of the victims. This production is, in part, an opportunity to listen to them.

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