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DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Political, Government

Entrant: Centre of Electronic Media (Swiss Armed Forces) / Bern
Sponsor/Client: Organisation commitee of the AIR 14 air show (Swiss Air Force) / Payerne
Account Executive: Colonel Ian Logan
Production Company: Centre of Electronic Media (Swiss Armed Forces) / Bern
Producer: Markus Lengen; Directors: Christian Dietker; Editor: Markus Aeshlimann
Other Credits: Cinematographer: Andreas Tank; Sound: Silvio Ramseier

Back to the past - in the company of historians, war veterans, current and former pilots and commanders, we go in quest of witnesses to history with this short film. A voyage in time presenting the key developments and events that have helped shape and define the Swiss Air Force. With a focus on the period 1914 to 1945.

DOCUMENTARY: News Programming: Newscasts

Entrant: GMA Network, Inc. / Quezon City
Sr. Program Mgr: J. Arrabe; Program Mgr/EP:K.dela Cruz; AP: D.Demesa
Production Company: GMA Network, Inc. / Quezon City
Dir: J.San Luis; SVP News & Pub Affairs: M.Flores;

OTHER CREDITS: SVP News & Pub Affairs: M.Flores;VP News Ops: G.dela Pena-Reyes; AVP, News Programs and Specials: M.Seva; Newsdesk head: M.Jimenez. Anchors: M.Enriquez, V.Morales, M.Tiangco
Barely two months after Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) wreaked havoc in many parts of the Philippines, another strong typhoon hit the country. Typhoon Mario (Fung Wong) coupled with the southwest monsoon brought more rains, virtually putting Metro Manila to a standstill and drenching neighbouring provinces. Floods suddenly rose, and in a span of just an hour, large areas were submerged in chest-deep water. 24 Oras (24 Hours) mounted comprehensive coverage of the effects of the typhoon with its team of ace reporters reaching areas isolated by the floods. 24 Oras (24 Hours) showed actual video of rescue operations, and dramatic footage of many residents trying to weather the typhoon. In between news reports, 24 Oras (24 Hours) aired helpful weather information, rainfall warnings, and tips on safety precautions. GMA News even opened a hotline for easier access to those people who might have questions or need rescue. As with any other calamity, GMA News honoured the Filipino value of ‘damayan’, or extending genuine help to those in need. Through the help of GMA Kapuso Foundation, food packs were delivered to various evacuation centers. Through 24 Oras' reportage, citizens were encouraged to send donations and other forms of aid to those most affected by the typhoon. More than the devastation brought by the typhoon and the monsoon, 24 Oras's (24 Hours) coverage of Typhoon Mario showcased the resilience and unrelenting spirit of the Filipino in the face of adversity.

DOCUMENTARY: News Programming: Newscasts

Entrant: GMA Network, Inc. / Quezon City
Sr Program Magr: A.Magsumbol; EP: N.Ocampo; AP: T.Panganiban-Perez
Production Company: GMA Network, Inc. / Quezon City
Dir: L.Dayao; AD: M. Domingo; VP News Ops: G.Dela Peña-Reyes

OTHER CREDITS: SVP News & Pub Affairs: M.Flores; VP News Operations: G.dela Pena-Reyes; AVP, News Programs and Specials: M.Seva; AVP, News Productions: John Manalastas; Newsdesk head: M.Jimenez. Editors: G.Asuncion, R.Baciles, R.Fernando, N. Mallorca, J.Ofamen, L.Tolentino, J.Llamanzares
It was November of 2013 when one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded hit the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan or known locally as Super Typhoon Yolanda. Barely a year after, another typhoon threatens to cross almost the very same path of destruction. In this particular episode of 24 Oras Weekend (24 Hours Weekend), we made sure that the viewing public was well informed of the possible effects of Typhoon Ruby, possibly the strongest storm to hit the Philippines after Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). True enough, Typhoon Ruby made landfall five times in Eastern Visayas and Southern Luzon, the same areas where Yolanda wreaked havoc and left thousands of Filipinos homeless and lifeless in 2013. Days before the landfall of Ruby, GMA News already deployed news teams to key areas to make sure that we would be the first to deliver important reports on the effects of the storm. When the typhoon hit, GMA News was able to report actual events. Personal stories of the affected populations and their appeal for help, especially those who were evacuated, were also reported. Live videos from various places were flashed to show how local governments and the local population prepare, particularly in Metro Manila, where major economic activities take place. Particular emphasis was given to reporting situations in coastal areas as well as flood and landslide-prone areas, including Tacloban City which was heavily devastated by Typhoon Yolanda just a year ago. We also included important announcements, including suspension of classes and work in various places. Our own workforce was also made aware of the importance of reporting for duty even in the midst of the storm because as newsmen, we know our responsibility to the general population. Again, 24 Oras Weekend (24 Hours Weekend) is committed to take part in building communities and populations resilient to natural disasters.

CORPORATE: Advertising / Marketing: Business-to-Business

Entrant: Pohjantähti-Elokuva / Helsinki
Sponsor/Client: Kesko / Helsinki
Production Company: Pohjantähti-Elokuva / Helsinki
Producer: Pepe Teirikari; Director: Pami Teirikari; Editor: Ville Vainio
Other Credits: Sound: Jari Turunen; Screenplay: Seppo Tamminen; Screenplay: Antti Parpola

Kesko has already served its Finnish customers for many generations. The film shows how Kesko, which was born from the merger of four regional wholesale companies, has grown into a company with 45,000 employees whose retail sales amounted to about EUR 11.3 billion in 2014. The old films and ads used as material tell the company's story from 1940 till today. The 75-year journey illustrates Kesko's initial difficulties, such as war and food shortage, but also the company's growth, internationalisation and future visions.

CORPORATE: Advertising / Marketing: Business-to-Consumer

Entrant: Kemper Kommunikation GmbH / Frankfurt
Sponsor/Client: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG / Stuttgart
Bastian Schramm
Production Company: bee Film GmbH / Frankfurt
Producer: Lena Breidenbach; Director: Bernd Seiboldt;
Other Credits: Cinematographer: Mirko Demschik

Porsche's great strength is motorsports. That's why, for 60 years, Porsche has returned to the race track again and again. For example with the 911 RSR, the strongest Porsche ever built.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Science, Research, Technology

Entrant: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc./ Osaka
Production Company: Producer of English version: Japan Media Communication Center (JAMCO)

The behavior of marine animals still remains a mystery. A world-renowned biologist, Yuki Watanabe, researches and records their behavior using a method called bio logging. By attaching a motion recorder called logger and a miniature camera to the animal, the secret lives of these animals become clearer through captured footage. It is the most advanced field of research that has rapidly developed over the last 20 years in the biology field. Watanabe's biggest accomplishment is the invention of logger retrieval system. Until now, bio logging was limited to animals that returned to their nest since that was the only way the logger could be retrieved. But Watanabe solved this problem by utilizing IT equipment and intelligence which instantly broadened the field of research. Joint research offers flocked to Watanabe from around the world and he became known as the "Indy Jones of the biological world." When Watanabe went to Antarctica as a member of the Antarctic expedition team, he captured footage of the Adelie penguin by attaching a camera to the penguin. That footage has garnered a lot of attention as it is the first time anyone has clearly seen a penguin eating its prey in its natural setting. It has been assumed that tuna swim at a high speed at almost 80 km/hour. But based on Watanabe's research, they swim at about 3 - 8 km/hour. Even in emergency situations, they only reach speeds of up to 30 km/hour. In this way, Watanabe works to clarify the behavior and habits of marine animals which are often shrouded in mystery. The program follows Mr. Watanabe for three years. It introduces a joint research project he did with Australia’s Tasmania University on the broadnose sevengill shark. It also presents a lot of the world premier footages, captured by cameras attached to marine animals.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Biography

Entrant: Taylored Productions Ltd / Glasgow
Production Company: Taylored Productions Ltd / Glasgow
Producer: Director: Elly Taylor; EP: April Chamberlain; EP for BBC: Pauline Law;
Other Credits: Cinematographer: Douglas Campbell; Editor: Phyllis Ironside; Sound: Allan Young;

A Play, A Pie and A Pint - the ground breaking lunchtime theatre at Oran Mor, a renovated former church in the West End of Glasgow, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014. The visionary behind the concept is producer David MacLennan who has dedicated his life to advancing Scottish theatre with both 7:84 and Wildcat. Robbie Coltrane, David Hayman, Liz Lochhead and Bill Paterson are among the dazzling cast paying tribute to him and celebrating the success and the phenomenal global outreach of A Play, A Pie and A Pint. "A stone thrown into a small pool that has rippled throughout the world" ........David MacLennan

CORPORATE: Communication: Investor Relations

Entrant: Razor Productions / London
Sponsor/Client: Associated British Foods / London
Felicity Howard-Allen
Production Company: Razor Productions / London
Producer: Gary Chitty; Director: Paul Henry; Cinematogrpaher: Colin Fox;
Other Credits: Editor: Jon Cross

Our approach was to pick three smaller businesses to act as testimony to ABFs support. The stories were told by the three CEOs who were able to give details as well as the big picture of the working relationship with ABF in a personable and anecdotal way. To emphasise the personal stories the CEOs were recorded talking directly to the camera and the audience. This narration was edited tightly and illustrated with footage drawn from the operations. Dynamic graphics illustrated the global network that offered exciting opportunities for these smaller companies to expand, but most of all the CEOs stories revealed ABF to be an organisation that was able to support them with specific corporate skills, investment and time to help them grow.

CORPORATE: Advertising / Marketing: Business-to-Consumer

Entrant: Future & Co Films Ltd / Newcastle upon Tyne
Sponsor/Client: AGA
Production Company: Future & Co Films Ltd / Newcastle upon Tyne
Executive Producer: Steve Salam; Producer: Jonny Swales; Director: Alex Telfer;
Other Credits: Cinematographer: Ben Moulden; Editor: Eddie Scrimgour; Sound: Peter Groom

AGA - Total Control is a one minute promotional film made for AGA to promote their new range of cookers with modern high-tech features. Based on a design ethic that has existed since the 1920's AGA have grown to become the world's favourite range cooker. This film had to show how those traditional values have been enhanced by new technology. To match the high quality of AGA's iconic product we used an ARRI Alexa camera system and Zeiss Master Prime lenses. A small kitchen set was built in a studio where our team gathered to shoot the carefully controlled footage that would represent AGA's Total Control System. Some time lapse material of bread rising was shot in specially adapted ovens with Nikon stills cameras. A specialist bread maker and a food stylist worked in tandem to give us great looking food in every shot. We also used the Alexa's ability to over-crank to allow us to shoot some slow mo of food preparation, such as sprinkling caster sugar on a pile of delicious fresh pancakes. Director Alex Telfer is in the world's top 200 photographer's list and used his skills to bring a real feeling of glamour to the shots, with Director of Photography Ben Moulden working in close consultation. Ben carefully controlled the studio lighting and used cut glass pendants to add lens flares and other atmospheric lighting effects. With carefully graded images provided by Da Vinci Resolve, the final act was to add music that evoked the 1920's heritage of the Aga cooker. The end result, we hope you will agree is mouthwateringly delicious!

DOCUMENTARY: News Programming: Investigative / Special Reports

Entrant: Centre of Electronic Media (Swiss Armed Forces) / Bern
Sponsor/Client: Organisation commitee of the AIR 14 air show (Swiss Air Force) / Payerne
Account Executive: Colonel Ian Logan
Production Company: Centre of Electronic Media (Swiss Armed Forces) / Bern
Producer: Markus Lengen; Director & Editor: Markus Aeschlimann;
Other Credits: Sound: Silvio Ramseier

The film provides a memento of the AIR 14 air show. It shows the highlights of the flight displays and at the same time allows the viewers to look behind the scenes at this successfull major event organized by the Swiss Armed Forces.

CORPORATE: Communication: Employee/Internal-Oriented

Entrant: Mountain View Group, Ltd. / Atlanta, GA
Sponsor/Client: Alcon / Fort Worth, TX
Production Company: Mountain View Group, Ltd. / Atlanta, GA
Producer: Kris Johnson; Director: Stephen Pruitt; Cinematogrpaher: Tim Glover;
Other Credits: Editor: James Milans; Sound: Video Resources, Inc.

This project gives a heartfelt and earnest overview on the partnership between Alcon and Orbis, told through the stories of Alcon employees that have volunteered their time with the Flying Hospital. The video features a DC10 airplane that has been outfitted as an eye surgery facility and training center and genuine employee testimonials about their experience on medical excursions. The various employee perspectives serve to highlight Alcon's commitment to improving eyesight in underserved medical communities by providing equipment, monetary support, and technicians for the medical missions.

CORPORATE: Tourism Films

Entrant: Pas-de-Calais Tourisme / Wimille
Sponsor/Client: Pas-de-Calais Tourisme / Wimille
Justine: Binot
Production Company: ORES Group / Lille
Producer & Director: Jean-Patrick Wibaux

Around Louvre-Lens is a new destination built around a world-class cultural equipment with a strong local and rooted strategy, aimed at empowering the territory. Fostering a cultural destination whose interest lies with the possibility of visiting one of the most innovative museum to date, associated with the cultural heritage of the mining industry, and especially the immaterial legacy, the working-class culture, is unique and thought provoking. Around Louvre-Lens is a 30 minutes perimeter (by car) around the museum, thus including Arras, Bethune, Douai and Lens. Our riches lie in our cultural, mining, industrial and social heritage ; among them belfries of the Nord-Pas de Calais, giants of the traditional folklore, a Vauban citadel and the northern mining basin, all listed as UNESCO world heritage.

ENTERTAINMENT: Entertainment Programs: Telenovelas

Entrant: GMA Network, Inc. / Quezon City
Production Company: GMA Network, Inc. / Quezon City
Producer: R. Alba; Director: A. Ranay; Editor: M. Villegas; Sound: D.Margaja;
Other Credits: Cinematographers: J.Orendain III /N. Domingo; Speocail Credit: L.Rasonable,
R.Magno, C.Ching-Sy, N.Sabit, G.Delgado, L.Chavez

The Two Mrs. Real tells the story of one man's plight in juggling two lives, one with his first wife whom he loves with his whole heart, and another with the woman he feels responsible for. It shows how one mistake unravels a decade of marital bliss. It also tells the story of two women who discover who they can be, when the lives and the love they have worked hard for is put at risk.

EDUCATION: Primary / Elementary School

Entrant: Pophunters Film & TV AB / Uppsala
Sponsor/Client: Noll Tolerans mot Mobbning / Örebro
Niklas Falk
Production Company: Pophunters Film & TV AB / Uppsala
Director: Anette Skåhlberg; Cinematogrpaher: Jesper Klevenås;
Other Credits: Sound: Philip Jurdell; Other: Ylva Hallböök,
Lynx Skåhlberg Lima de Faria, Alicia Klaar, Alexandra Frandsen

Emmy, a 11 years old girl, is late for school. She has just gotten back from the dentist where she by chance met Sammy, a big teenage Idol, and got his autograph on magazine. She rushes into the classroom, and shouts out the great news. This gives a lot of attention to Emmy, which causes jealousy in the class bully Julia, who decides to make Emmy's life a living hell. She turns all Emmy's friends against her and humiliates her in front of her secret crush. Her world collapses. Not even her old best friend will stand up for her. Now, she is an outcast with no friends left. She leaves school, heartbroken and sad. The film leaves the viewer wondering: How could it come to this?

DOCUMENTARY: News Programming: Breaking News Stories

Entrant: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
Anchors: M.Pulido, M.Salazar; Prog. Mgr.: L.Dacanay;
Production Company: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
EP: N.Ocampo; Edit Sup.: R.Mendiola
Other Credits: AP: M.Ventura, W.Dizon, H.Pa-a, R.Padilla, A.Asuncion, M.Laxamana, S.Alueta,
R.Pidlaon, D.Relatado, R.Sorza, G.Mabilog; Dir: E.Umali, C.Lumabas

On July 16, 2014, Balita Pilipinas Ngayon (News Now in the Philippines) provided updates regarding the impact of Typhoon Glenda, which devastated parts of Luzon. The newscast made use of reports from GMA's whole reportorial team, including its network of regional news teams and stringers to give its viewers a clear view of the storm's aftermath.

ENTERTAINMENT: Entertainment Programs: Cooking

Entrant: Pacific Televison / London
Sponsor/Client: Food Network/ New York, NY
Production Company: Pacific Televison / London
Producers: Rachel Purnell, Olivia Ball; Director: Benjamin Warwick
Other Credits: Cinematographers: Orlando Stuart, Matthew Ball; Editor: Allan Ford

Barefoot Contessa: Celebrations is a brand new series hosted by Ina Garten for Food Network USA. The series gives the lowdown on incredible menus for parties and effortless way of entertaining.

CORPORATE: Advertising / Marketing: Business-to-Consumer

Entrant: CorporateTrailer / Vught
Sponsor/Client: BENCH
Production Company: CorporateTrailer / Vught
Director: Jan Suiskens

BENCH is specializsed in Handmade Dutch Design Furniture. To introduce BENCH and their latest models to an International public, we created a BENCH living room in Paris. Right in front of the Eiffeltower. We then asked passing crowd from all over the world to sit on the bench and to say something about it. Which turned into this 'feelgood' web based commercial. See for yourself.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Cultural Issues

Entrant: Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH / Vienna
Production Company: A Production of Terra Mater Factual Studios / Vienna
Director: Sabine Holzer; Editor: Christian Stoppacher; Sound: Andreas Hagemann;
Other Credits: Script: Sebastian Gruebl & Udo Maurer; Photogrpahy: Oliver Indra & Udo Maurer;
Music: Paul Movahedi

EP 1 Guardians of Tradition Dario Yanomami Kopenawa a young Yanomami who left his village in the protected indigenous territory for the city of Boa Vista. As head of the Hutukara organisation he fights for protection of Yanomami rights and culture. Seeing himself as a warrior of the jungle he wants to preserve his ancestors´ lands and heritage. In East Greenland the western lifestyle has long taken over. Tobias is one of the last Inuit hunters who partly still sticks to his forefathers ways. In the tropical paradise of Yap, Pasan, who is a healer and instructor of the traditional Yapese dances is not clear about the islanders future perspective. A Chinese investment group put Yap on its business radar and is keen to transform the island into a holiday resort.

CORPORATE: Communication: Employee/Internal-Oriented

Entrant: Anonymous Production / Singapore
Sponsor/Client: Sengkang Healthcare / Singapore
Production Company: Anonymous Production / Singapore
Producers: Nick Tan & Loe Bao Shun; Director: Nick Tan;
Other Credits: Cinematographer: Yoji; Editor: Razli

The concept is really simple. We needed 3 characters from different level of the hospital to share their REAL-LIFE experience that MADE them who they are and what they are. Hence we got a Staff Nurse, a Senior LAB executive, and the CEO also a LEADING UROLOGY, all to share their deepest inspiration to their BELIEVE and work in HEALTHCARE within Sengkang Heatlhcare. The REASON WHY they DO WHAT THEY DO. The REASON of their existence and their MISSION. Through their eyes, we see how they have been inspired by their Patient and how they see through them. This is the SPIRIT of Healthcare. The very existence of it!

ENTERTAINMENT: Film & Video: Short Film

Entrant: Cinestone / Chicago, IL
Production Company: Cinestone / Chicago, IL
Director: Logan Stone

An old man on his deathbed is prompted by a nostalgic object on his nightstand to relive his life a scene at a time through a hallway of his memories, always getting closer to and farther from his passion of music.

ENTERTAINMENT: Entertainment Programs: TV Movie

Entrant: CBC Television Co., Ltd. / Nagoya
Production Company: TI Com Net / Sapporo
Producers: Masato Horiba, Sayo Otani, Mieko Sakurai; Direcotr: Masato Horiba;
Other Credits: Cinematographer:Tsuyoshi Sataka; Sound: Harumi Fuuki

At a small station in a very small town somewhere in Japan, a woman with eyes as beautiful as the sky, sits at a bench. A man comes to the same station to get a train back to the city, and here he meets this beautiful lady but finds that she is blind. This film tells the fantasy love story of a day where a man and woman meet accidentally in a small town.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Nature, Wildlife

Entrant: Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH / Vienna
Production Company: A Production of Terra Mater Factual Studios and Light & Shadow in Co-Production
with National Geographic Channels
Other Credits: Producer: Paul Reddish; Editors: Mark Fletcher, Stefan Reiss; Composer:
Erwin Kiennast; Writers: Paul Reddish & Christian Baumeister

This enigmatic forest once stretched along the coast for thousands of kilometres. Now there is only 7% left. Yet it is still home for many remarkable animals. Muriqui are the largest monkeys in South America. These very rare, highly social creatures greet each other with hugs - the closer the friendship, the more intense the hugs. Great dusky swifts fly through the tumbling waters of the mighty Iguaçu Falls to build their nests on the slippery rock faces behind the curtains of water. Coatis are curious looking creatures with their long flexible noses and banded tails, making them quite comical. But appearances can be deceptive, and coatis are efficient hunters. They are also very social, living in all-female gangs that are composed of sisters, mothers and aunts. The females support one another in their day-to-day lives, keeping a watch out for predators. Blue manakins are also social, but in a completely different way. In the depths of the forest, the males of these startlingly colourful birds work as a team to court a female. Like miniature circus performers they jump and bounce on a branch, one after the other, to excite their audience. Only the lead artist gets to carry out the last act.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Environment, Ecology

Entrant: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
Program Mgr: K.Lumbo; Reporter: M.Papa; Host: J.Soho; EP: H.Bayona
Production Company: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
Producer: B.Brazil, K.del Rosario; Researchers: N.Montero, J.Bonifacio;
Other Credits: Videographer: E.Pagdanganan
Editors: B.Brazil, J.Casidsid, G.Llave, A.Magcamit

In a remote Philippine town, a quiet community has become a hotbed for illegal small-scale gold mining. Descending into crude makeshift shafts, miners endanger their lives but they take the risks anyway for a chance at finding the goldmine of their dreams. The industry, though illegal, has become a source of livelihood for many, but environmentalists and children's rights activists question whether the riches found today can sustain the community in the long run.

Student Productions

Entrant: Venkat Krishnan / Los Angeles, CA
Loyola Marymount University / Los Angeles, CA
Production Company: Mangai Productions / Los Angeles, CA
Writer/Director/Producer: Venkat Krishnan

Sumi, a nine-year-old girl, works in a garment factory in rural India. She is exploited by child labor and must find a way to pursue her dream - to read and write. She has one last chance when an educated man comes to her village. They develop a friendship and he agrees to teach her how to read. Sumi's dreams to leave the factory and go to school are not realized. She continues to hope. Will the hope change the young girl’s pursuit of a better life?

ENTERTAINMENT: Openers, Idents & Title Sequences: Sports Program

Entrant: Shine Light Entertainment Inc. / Calgary, AB
Sponsor/Client: Calgary Stampede / Calgary, AB
Cindy Gillies
Production Company: Shine Light Entertainment Inc. / Calgary, AB
Producers: Cindy Gillies, Mike Little; Director: Mike Little
Other Credits: Cinematogrpaher: Shaun Henning; Editor: Steve Katakami
Sound: Johnny Iaquinta; Post-Sup: Eric Gillis; Production Mgr: Brendon Rathbone

Chuckwagon Racing is a uniquely Western Canadian sport featuring four horses pulling a wagon steered by one cowboy. From molten metal to an emotional hand off we experience the thrill of Chuckwagon racing through the voices of the sport's stars. This opening/tease served as an introduction to the final telecast and was broadcast on CBC nationally in Canada.

ENTERTAINMENT: Openers, Idents & Title Sequences: Sports Program

Entrant: Shine Light Entertainment Inc./ Calgary, AB
Sponsor/Client: Calgary Stampede / Calgary, AB
Production Company: Shine Light Entertainment Inc./ Calgary, AB
Producers: Cindy Gillies, Mike Little; Director: Mike Little;
Other Credits: Cinematogrpaher: Shaun Henning; Editor: Steve Katakami;
Sound: Johnny Iaquinta; Post-Sup: Eric Gillis; Production Mgr: Brendon Rathbone

The Calgary Stampede Rodeo is the world's richest tournament-style rodeo, featuring over $2 million in prize money. Close to 20,000 fans per day attend the Calgary Stampede Rodeo over a 10 day period. The Rodeo Open is visceral piece meant to convey the unique offerings of the sport at the Calgary Stampede. Using an original drum score, against the backdrop of the key players of rodeo, the piece plays in house and opens this grand event on a daily basis to capacity crowds.

Student Productions

Entrant: Yatao Li / Beijing
Rochester Institute of Technology
Production Company: Producer/Director/Writer: Yatao Li

"Carry On" tells a story set in Japan-occupied China during World War II. In 1944, the tide turned against Japan and the war began winding down. Prior to their retreat, Japanese troops looted every Chinese village in their path. They took only food and women from these villages followed by massacring all others and burning everything to the ground. To save his daughter, a Chinese father in my film stuffs her into a large bag disguised as food. As he loads the bag onto the back of a truck along with other bags with food, a Japanese army officer spots his secret.

CORPORATE: Communication: Employee/Internal-Oriented

Entrant: Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Sponsor/Client: Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Production Company: FilmSolutions, Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Producer: Mille Lykke Soerensen; Director/Editor: Michael Ryelund

The purpose of the story is to celebrate the new surroundings by recognizing the dedication from employees during the reconstruction process - but with a humorous twist by greatly exaggerating the difficulties they have endured. In this apparently traditional "corporate" film the top manager describes the challenges for employees during their relocation because of the renovation of their normal headquarter building. The manager is placed in a basement environment with boxes, storage items and general mess in the background. Then follows a series of different scenarios where employees are working in similar temporary and humble environments in the basement. These scenarios are increasingly strange and silly as the film progresses, while the top manager continues praising his employees. In the end all employees are thanked deeply for their dedication when we then reveal that the manager in fact is sitting in front a green screen in a luxurious environment with expensive furniture and fine arts. His voice changes from being understanding and friendly to become short headed and bullying with complaints about having lobster for lunch every day. Everybody appearing in the film are real top managers and employees within the research area so the film project itself was also a form of team building activity.

CORPORATE: Public Relations

Entrant: Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Sponsor/Client: Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Production Company: FilmSolutions, Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Producer: Mille Lykke Soerensen; Director & Editor Michael Ryelund:

Today, nearly two thirds of the 382 million people with diabetes live in cities. If this trend continues, by 2035 as many as half a billion people will have diabetes, nearly all of them in cities. Urban diabetes is an emergency in slow motion. But its growth is not inevitable. Cities Changing Diabetes is a commitment to pushing for urgent action against urban diabetes on a global scale. The aim is to map its extent, share solutions and tackle the growing challenge of diabetes in the world’s great cities, because Novo Nordisk believe that when businesses, city leaders and planners, healthcare professionals, academics, and community leaders pull together, we can transform our cities into healthier places to live, work and play, and bring down the risk of urban diabetes.

CORPORATE: Communication: Employee/Internal-Oriented

Entrant: SIGNAL2NOISE & Aether Media / Aberdeen
Sponsor/Client: DP World / Dubai
Production Company: SIGNAL2NOISE / Aberdeen
Director: Jayson Clarke; Cinematogrpaher: Ian Dodds; Editor: Andrew Downie
Other Credits: Secondary Production Company: Aether Media / Dubai
Producer/Editor: John Robins

A ‘day-in-the-life’ structure followS a DP World employee from breakfast with his family to being reunited with them at the end of the working day. From the first scene, the young son establishes a ‘pay it forward’ concept where individuals look, think, and act to protect other people from harm. This concept is seamlessly linked across five workplace hazard scenarios. Each time, the danger is averted by the Look-Think-Act interventions of a diverse range of DP World people. The person ‘saved’ then intervenes to prevent someone else from being hurt. The story goes full circle to climax with the son’s life being saved as his family look on.

CORPORATE: Tourism Films

Entrant: Stad Gent Dienst Toerisme / Gent
Sponsor/Client: Stad Gent Dienst Toerisme / Gent
Nathalia Dumon
Production Company: Moose & Tash vzw / Gent
Directors: Kenneth Michiels

"This could only happen in Ghent" is the name of our social media campaign which we launched as "#visitgent, your memory is safe with us". A gathering of several short videos has to get the viewer's enthusiasm to really get to know Ghent. By watching the video he should automatically put Ghent in his shortlist of city trips. In each video a group of real tourists are fooled by their guide (an actor). All 8 movies became extremely popular on the internet. In the first 24 hours after the launch of the campaign, the videos had already 100.000 views on YouTube. Now, the counter stands on almost 255.000 views. The most popular video, where Wim Opbrouck amazes a tourist by putting a living Lamb (God) in his arms, already enchanted more than 60.000 viewers.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Political, Government

Entrant: TV Asahi Corporation / Tokyo

Immediately following the Great East Japan Earthquake, America dispatched a special nuclear forces team to Japan, and created a radiation contamination map by flying over the Fukushima region using specialized technology. However, this map was never made public in Japan, and its existence was kept quiet. As a result, a large number of disaster victims remained in areas with high levels of radiation. Why was the contamination map not released? The Japanese and American parties concerned reveal their explosive testimonies of the events at the time.

CORPORATE: Public Relations

Entrant: Seed Audio-Visual Communication / Zurich
Sponsor/Client: Bucherer / Lucerne
Jörg Baumann, Claudia Jenni
Production Company: Seed Audio-Visual Communication / Zurich
Producer: Felix Courvoisier; Directorr/DP/Editor: Damien Krisl
Other Credits: Sound: Triplet Studios / Zurich

A journey through Bucherer's art and watch studio gives the viewer a better understanding of the mystery that surrounds Bucherer's craft. As one of the most traditional watch and jewellery stores in Europe, Bucherer represents craftsmanship, precision, attention to detail and creativity at the highest level. A look behind the scenes.


Entrant: Omnicron / Auckland
Production Company: Omnicron / Auckland
Producer: Daniel Arnold; Director: Jon Wild
Other Credits: Cinematogrpaher: Rhys Duncan; Editor: Eddie Burrow

New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, played host to four of the Cricket World Cup 2015 matches. This sporting event presented a unique opportunity to promote Auckland as a safe but exciting destination to international tourists. Host and video presenter Simon Doull (former NZ cricketer and Sky TV commentator) takes the viewer on a journey to discover the best Auckland has to offer. Simon is recognized by cricket fans around the world and his relaxed and open style is designed to win over the audience and encourage them to explore Auckland's exciting food and beverage scene.

CORPORATE: Tourism Films

Entrant: Czech Tourist Authority - Czech Tourism / Prague
Sponsor/Client: Czech Tourist Authority - Czech Tourism / Prague
Marketa Chalouokova
Production Company: Target Pictures / Prague
Producer: Radka Kadlecová; Director: Stepán Fok Vodrázka
Other Credits: Cinematogrpahers: Tomas Sysel. Sound: J.P. Muchow;
Project Coordinator: Ondrej Jezek

A story of the Czech Republic seen through the eyes of tourists from various countries (USA, China, Europe, Latin America, Russia) spending their holidays here.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Arts

Entrant: National Gallery of Art / Washington, D.C.
Production Company: National Gallery of Art / Washington, D.C.
EP: Susan Arensberg; Producer/Director/Writer: Carroll Moore
Other Credits: Associate Producers: David Hammer, Elizabeth Laitman Hughes
Production Assistant: Elizabeth Laitman Hughes; Narrator: Tilda Swinton

The impresario Serge Diaghilev was the creator and driving force of the Ballets Russes. He persuaded, cajoled, and charmed the greatest talents of the early twentieth century to join his company. Artists (Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse), composers (Igor Stravinsky and Erik Satie), choreographers (Michel Fokine and George Balanchine), and dancers (Vaslav Nijinsky and Anna Pavlova) all collaborated to realize Diaghilev's dream of a seamless fusion of the arts. The spectacular productions of the Ballets Russes dazzled audiences and revolutionized modern dance. This documentary includes footage of revivals of Ballets Russes performances by the Joffrey Ballet and the New York City Ballet. Also featured are sets and costumes from Diaghilev's innovative productions, as well as interviews with dancers, musicians, and scholars.

CORPORATE: Public Relations

Entrant: Naumann Film / Munich
Sponsor/Client: ArGe Medien im ZVEH
Production Company: Naumann Film / Munich
Producer/Director/DP: Klaus Naumann; Editor: Silviu Bitea

During a fervid soccer match, a builder is working nearby the arena with a jack-hammer and hits a cable. That causes an immediate blackout. At once a van approaches: a task force of E-ZUBI electro-technician apprentices disembark. They fix the failure swiftly, and the match can resume. Subtleties: "Azubi" is an abbreviated colloquial expression for an apprentice ("A_us_ZUBI_ldender"), "E-ZUBI" is a wordplay referring to this term and the branch of electronic craft ("E-Handwerk")

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Arts

Entrant: National Gallery of Art / Washington, D.C.
Production Company: National Gallery of Art / Washington, D.C.
EP: Susan Arensberg; Producer/Writer: Carroll Moore; Director: David Hammer;
Other Credits: Associate Producer: Elizabeth Laitman Hughes; Assistant Camera: Tom Lee;
DP: Patrick Duval, Richard Numeroff; Narrator: Adrien Brody

This film was made in conjunction with the exhibition El Greco in the National Gallery of Art and Washington-Area Collections: A 400th Anniversary Celebration. El Greco (1541- 1614) was born Domenikos Theotokopoulos in Crete. He began his career as a painter of icons for Byzantine churches. Moving to Italy and then to Spain, his work fused lessons learned from the glories of Byzantium with the ravishing color of Venetian art and the elegant artificialities of Roman mannerism. Settling in Toledo, he created a passionate outpouring of work. He painted haunting portraits of saints and scholars, biblical scenes, martyrdoms, and miracles in a highly personal, visionary style charged with emotion and drama. His work puzzled many contemporaries, but later artists, including Picasso, considered him a prophet of modernism. This documentary includes original footage of El Greco's paintings, the locations where he lived and worked and scholars from Spain and the United States.

CORPORATE: Tourism Films

Entrant: Escape to Nature / Prague
Sponsor/Client: Escape to Nature / Prague
Production Company: Escape to Nature / Prague
Producer: Petra Dolezalova; Director:Libor Spacek; Editor: Vilem Srail
Other Credits: Sound: Jiri Klenka; Composer: Michal Dvorak

Episode 5 - of the award winning documentary series Escape to Nature. We visited another one of the most amazing places in the world - Papua New Guinea, but from different view. We have filmed on the best diving locations of PNG, swam with sharks, turtles and anothers underwater creatures, visited still active volcanoes in Rabaul, spent many days on the canoe and discovered the inaccessible areas of the Sepik River, as a first white people we visited the villages with magic rituals, Crocodiles initiation ceremony and Sing Sing.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Social Issues

Entrant: Radio Television Hong Kong / Hong Kong
Production Company: Radio Television Hong Kong / Hong Kong
Executive Producer: Liane Cheng; Producer: Annie Yau;
Other Credits: Cinematographers: Cheng Wo Hing, Joe Chan, Kent Wong;
Editor: Roy Ko; Sound: Wong Ho Ming

Some people looking for opportunities in Hong Kong, while there are some people in this pursuit of a stable life. For those South East Asian Chinese in Hong Kong, here is their haven. It is estimated that the 70s of the last century, about 300-400 thousands South East Asian Chinese and their spouses and children moved to Hong Kong from the Mainland. Having had wandering life, most of them finally choose Hong Kong as the terminus, but there are still some of them choose to leave, migrating to other countries. 2 South East Asian Chinese families, 4 options, looking for the place for settling down.

CORPORATE: Fundraising / Development

Entrant: VWV Productions / Johannesburg
Sponsor/Client: Field Band Foundation South Africa / Durban
Vincent Paneng, Nicky du Plessis
Production Company: VWV Productions / Johannesburg
Producer: Alex Kyriakides; Director/DP: Anthony Ramsay; Editor: Phumelele Radebe
Other Credits: Sound: Paolo Mosca; 2nd Camera: Shaun Winkler
Production Manager: Vincent Paneng

In order to create a film that would not just be yet another "bleeding heart" appeal for money by yet another non-profit organization, we set out to tell authentic stories of how the Field Band Foundation has had a profound influence on real people's lives. Our approach was to tell the stories of a handful of individuals who had been given opportunities for development and self-empowerment through participation in music, dance and active citizenship projects offered by the foundation. Our film follows these young people who may have been destined for a life involved in gangsterism, violence, crime and drugs. Through the Field Band Foundation they were able to make alternative life choices, learning the technical skills and discipline necessary to master the creative arts, becoming role models for others in their communities.

CORPORATE: Tourism Films

Entrant: Österreich Werbung / Vienna
Sponsor/Client: Österreich Werbung / Vienna
Eva Maria Mayrhuber, Publicis Group Austria
Production Company: Apollon Pictures GmbH / Vienna
Producer: Andreas Scharfe; Editor:Christoph Ulbrich
Other Credits: Director & Cinematographer: Philipp Kaiser; Sound Moritz Pedarnig

Escape the everyday and immerse into Austria's overwhelming cultural wealth! The protagonist, weary of the daily grind, picks up his sketch book and undertakes a fascinating journey. Travelling all across the country he visits a number of wonderful cultural attractions. The pages are filled before long.

DOCUMENTARY: News Programming: Public Affairs Programs

Entrant: GMA Network, Inc. / Quezon City
Program Mgr: J.Tam; EP: J.Conrad; Seg Prod & Dir: I.Simbulan
Production Company: GMA Network, Inc. / Quezon City
DOP: M.Lopez, G.Delos Reyes; Researcher: P.Suyat; Research: P.Suyat;
Other Credits: Production: N.Dionido-Caparas, S.Torres-Madsam, P.Agulto
Transciber: G.Elizaga

From the famous to the unknown, many participated in the so-called "Ice Bucket Challenge", an activity involving dumping of icy cold water on someone's head to promote awareness in the name of ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a not widely known neurodegenerative disease. In the Philippines, there are no figures relating to the disease and research about this is almost non-existent. But some are already enduring the struggles of carrying this deadly disease. In this episode, Front Row takes us beyond the viral sensations but rather shows the real story behind ALS, in the eyes of the patients and their families.

CORPORATE: Communication: Employee/Internal-Oriented

Entrant: Mountain View Group, Ltd. / Atlanta, GA
Sponsor/Client: GE Power & Water / Schenectady, NY
Production Company: Mountain View Group, Ltd. / Atlanta, GA
Producer: Thomas Gonyeau; Cinematographer:Taylor Morrison;
Other Credits: Editors: James Milans & Fletcher Holmes; Sound: Matt Sisson

This piece incorporates three core story elements that, when woven together, unveil a human and inspirational perspective on the PGS story while also highlighting the global, diverse, and customer-centric values of their business. These core elements included employee-submitted "selfie" videos, in-depth customer success stories, and a more rapid-fire set of brief sound bites from several geographically-diverse customers. A graphic package helps unify the piece, and by harmoniously integrating these core elements, employees were able to walk away with the whole PGS story.

CORPORATE: Medical / Health Films

Entrant: AbbVie / Chicago, IL
Sponsor/Client: AbbVie / Chicago, IL
Michael K Schaffer
Production Company: Animech AB / Stockholm
Producer: Staffan Ahlandsberg; Director: David Stavenow;
Other Credits: Editors: Sebastian Bank, David Stavenow; Cinematographer: Jesse Oxford;
Prod Mgr: Setareh Persson; Brendan Manning, Patient Health Perspectives, Inc.

Geoffrey, a former dancer, actor and performer, lives with his partner Donald in Palm Springs. Now in his 80's, he’s been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease for some years and in this short documentary we get to follow him during a couple of days in his life. Gradually the picture emerges of a man who once could express himself and communicate, using his body, but who now, in the final days of his life, fights a daily battle, consuming all his time and energy. It’s about not giving up, exercising, sticking to the routines, taking his medications and in every way fight for his diminishing quality of life. It's also the story about Geoffrey's carer Donald. The choices and sacrifices he has to make, to help and support Geoffrey in everyday life.

ENTERTAINMENT: Openers, Idents & Title Sequences: Station / Network

Entrant: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
SVP: M.Flores; GMA News TV Head: N.Valdellon; Program Mgr: N.Dumol
Production Company: GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.) / Quezon City
EP: J.Mosatalla; Dir: A.Alix, Jr.; DOP: A.Banzon; Edit Sup: K.Julao

GMA News TV, the Philippines' No. 1 news channel, launched the May Pag-asa (There is Hope) campaign as its station ID for 2014 a collection of stories of hope aimed to show the power of the human heart to see light in the midst of darkness. The channel does this by revealing the little known tragedies and challenges behind the success of GMA News TV's personalities. In this station and social media campaign, they share their personal struggles and how these became their source of hope. They also share life stories of a few of their news and documentary subjects so that others can draw inspiration from them. Beyond the experiences of its hosts, the channel honors the unwavering spirit of the Filipino and their indomitable courage to stand up and move forward through this campaign. GMA News TV believes that we all have our own story of hope. And as we help one another rise up, we help our nation rewrite its future.

CORPORATE: Tourism Films

Entrant: Greek National Tourism Organisation / Athens
Sponsor/Client: Greek National Tourism Organisation / Athens
Athina Babkou
Production Company: Qkas Productions / Athens
Producer: Thalia Kalafata; Director: Andonis Theocharis Kioukas;
Other Credits: Cinematographer: Konstatntinos Arvanitakis; Sound: Dimitris Papadimitriou
Editor: Digimojo-Konstatntinos Arvanitakis

Greek tourism, an eternal journey. Tourism. Greece's oldest industry... an industry of dreams. 1914. The 1st National Tourism Organization, Greece's fame spreads around the world!!! 10.000 tourists in 1914. 17,5million in 2014. Greece an Authentic & Ideal Destination!!!

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Cultural Issues

Entrant: Deutsche Welle / Berlin
Production Company: Deutsche Welle / Berlin
Producer: Rolf Rische; Director & Writer: Susanne Lenz-Gleißner
Other Credits: Writers: B. Kolb, S.Schellhaaß; Cinematogrpahers: J. Lippelt, M.Reichert.
P.Krueger, R.Homer, S.Skwara, T.Koppehele, Z.Drakulic; Editor: Cern Mete

'We have the situation where the book has become something that's reading you instead of you reading the book,' says Jaron Lanier, winner of the 2014 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. What is the value of the book in the digital age? A film team visit Germany, where Gutenberg invented the printing press, and the United States, the hub of digital innovation. A transatlantic journey from Seattle to Los Angeles, New York, Mainz, Weimar, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. Jaron Lanier, historian Michael Knoche, Jeff Jarvis, media expert, Yvonne Hofstetter, artificial intelligence expert and the authors Daniel Suarez und Marc Elsberg reflect on the future of the book, the current debate over the power of giant online companies and at the future of digitalization.

DOCUMENTARY: Film / Video / Digital: Documentaries: Short

Entrant: Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Sponsor/Client: Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Production Company: FilmSolutions, Novo Nordisk A/S / Bagsvaerd
Producer/Director/DP/Editor/Sound: Keld von Eyben

Henry is a taxi driver living in Accra, the capital of Ghana. He thought the world was a free place where any bad habits didn't have any consequences. But when diabetes struck while he was sitting at the steering wheel in his taxi, reality dawned upon him. A change of life was necessary if he wanted to live to see his children grow up. So he managed, against all odds, to introduce healthy living and now he is proud to tell the world that it is possible to change diabetes, to make it go away. We met Henry during a normal day in his life in Ghana and followed him around his daily work in Accra during a day. The film is based on what he told us during that day.

CORPORATE: Corporate Social Responsibility / Non-Profit

Entrant: Anonymous Production / Singapore
Sponsor/Client: Anonymous Production / Singapore

If you think about Cambodia, what do ou think of? Sadness from the history? Desperation? Darkness? NO! this is to SHowcase the HOPE AND OPTISISM in cambodia. To show you the spirit of the people there. to show you the economic. to inspire one to understand, it is not they needed help, sometimes it is us that needed help to understand them better. A video that revisit the DARK History of Khmer rouge, but also a VIDEO that PAINTS THE OPTIMISM of the PEOPLE TODAY. An amazingly inspiring and powerful film. Please all give it a think to how this reflect upon ourselves!

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