US International Film & Video Festival
celebrating 50 years of acknowledging creative excellence in film & video productions
Historical One World Award Winners
2004 "Walk the World"
Momentum NL, The Netherlands
2005 “Gorbachev’s Revolution”
Director Fern Levitt and Barna-Alper Productions, Toronto, Canada
2006 "Tracking the Monster: Confronting AIDS in Africa"
Boom Pictures, New York City
2007 "The Battle of Chernobyl"
Discovery Networks International (USA)
2008 "Five Times God"
Kanguruh-Film Berline GmbH, Berlin
2009 "Beyond Beliefs"
Closer Productions, Adelaide for Issues Deliberation Australia/America (IDA)
2010 "IBM Multitask—Popsicle—Heart"
Wizz Design, Clichy, France
2011 “New Standard for Environmental Action”
Pohjantahti-Elokuva, Helsinki, Finland
2012 “Heritage Saved is History Preserved”
Henk van Mierlo VOF for NV Bergkwartier, Deventer, The Netherlands
2013 “Counterfeit Culture”
Tell Tale Productions, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2014 “Brigada (The Brigade): Gintong Krudo (Black Gold)”
GMA News TV (GMA Network, Inc.), Quezon City, Philippines

“Front Row: ALS
GMA Network Inc., Quezon City, Philippines


“Wattway – Solar Roads”

Arizona Films, Brussels, Belgium

“Dare To Think”

Director Peter Bostoen and Producers Marc Van Eyken and Jo Goossens of Bozo Film Company, Rotselaar, Belgium
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