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2016 International Film & Video Festival Winners


NHK winning group for “88 hours”: Production Company CEO Shuichi Nakayama, Director Akio Suzuki, Producer Takehiro Asai, Production Company Director Isao Tanigawa and Director Masahiro Fujikawa


Awards by the dozen 

NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, scooped up 12 awards in the 2017 US International Film & Video Festival, and on Sept. 4, their awards were hand delivered during ceremonies in Tokyo.
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Tea time adventures

Representatives of Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) and Gristmill production company welcomed Lee Gluckman of US International Film & Video Festival to Melbourne for a presentation of awards for “Little Lunch” production.
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University Promo Film Wins ‘One World’

University Film
Wins ‘One World’

Two-hundred-year-old Ghent University in Belgium wanted an internet film promoting it as a socially committed and pluralistic university that offers independent research and education with a critical, open-minded approach. "Dare To Think" – Ghent University was the result.
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International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ)


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“Breadwinner” (RUSSIA)

Entrant: LBL Production (FreeMotion Group), Novosibirsk

Sponsor/Client: Minsk Traktor Works, Minsk, Belarus
Production: LBL Production (FreeMotion Group), Novosibirsk
Producers: Evgeny Barkovsky, Vyacheslav Goldfeld

Directors: Pavel Menyailo, Olesya Barkovskaya, Petr Pchelnikov, Yuli Ulianitski

Cinematographers: Artem Orlov, Alexandr Savchenko, Petr Pchelnikov, Vlad Kolesnkov, Vitaly Les

Editor: Olesya Barkovskaya

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88 Hours: The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown

“88 Hours: The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown” (JAPAN)

Entrant: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo
Production: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo

Producers: Naofumi Nakamura, Takehiro Asai, Hisao Herai

Directors: Akio Suzuki, Masahiro Fujikawa

Editor: Yoshinori Tajima

Cinematographer: Hirohisa Fujita

Sound: Masanao Yamauchi, Katsuaki Suzuki

Watch the video "88 Hours: The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown"

Focus – Federal Intelligence Service

"Focus – Federal Intelligence Service" (SWITZERLAND)

Entrant: Centre of Electronic Media, Bern
Sponsor/Client: Federal Intelligence Service, Bern
   Markus Kellenberger
Production Company: Centre of Electronic Media, Bern

Producer: Mike Lüscher

Director: Lukas Ramseyer
Cinematographer: Christoph Walther

Editor & Sound: Aron Nick; Jakob Stoller

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Little Lunch – The Nightmare Before Graduation

“Little Lunch – The Nightmare Before Graduation” (AUSTRALIA)

Entrant: Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Melbourne, VIC
Production Company: Gristmill, Melbourne, VIC
Producers: Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Ben Grogan

Director: Robyn Butler

Watch the video "Little Lunch – The Nightmare Before Graduation"

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