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2016 International Film & Video Festival Winners


University Promo Film Wins ‘One World’

University Film
Wins ‘One World’

Two-hundred-year-old Ghent University in Belgium wanted an internet film promoting it as a socially committed and pluralistic university that offers independent research and education with a critical, open-minded approach. "Dare To Think" – Ghent University was the result.
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“Breadwinner” (RUSSIA)

Entrant: LBL Production (FreeMotion Group), Novosibirsk

Sponsor/Client: Minsk Traktor Works, Minsk, Belarus
Production: LBL Production (FreeMotion Group), Novosibirsk
Producers: Evgeny Barkovsky, Vyacheslav Goldfeld

Directors: Pavel Menyailo, Olesya Barkovskaya, Petr Pchelnikov, Yuli Ulianitski

Cinematographers: Artem Orlov, Alexandr Savchenko, Petr Pchelnikov, Vlad Kolesnkov, Vitaly Les

Editor: Olesya Barkovskaya

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88 Hours: The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown

“88 Hours: The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown” (JAPAN)

Entrant: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo
Production: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo

Producers: Naofumi Nakamura, Takehiro Asai, Hisao Herai

Directors: Akio Suzuki, Masahiro Fujikawa

Editor: Yoshinori Tajima

Cinematographer: Hirohisa Fujita

Sound: Masanao Yamauchi, Katsuaki Suzuki

Watch the video "88 Hours: The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown"

Focus – Federal Intelligence Service

"Focus – Federal Intelligence Service" (SWITZERLAND)

Entrant: Centre of Electronic Media, Bern
Sponsor/Client: Federal Intelligence Service, Bern
   Markus Kellenberger
Production Company: Centre of Electronic Media, Bern

Producer: Mike Lüscher

Director: Lukas Ramseyer
Cinematographer: Christoph Walther

Editor & Sound: Aron Nick; Jakob Stoller

Watch the video "Focus – Federal Intelligence Service"

Little Lunch – The Nightmare Before Graduation

“Little Lunch – The Nightmare Before Graduation” (AUSTRALIA)

Entrant: Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Melbourne, VIC
Production Company: Gristmill, Melbourne, VIC
Producers: Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Ben Grogan

Director: Robyn Butler

Watch the video "Little Lunch – The Nightmare Before Graduation"

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