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A glimpse at past

Fifty three years ago, US International Film & Video Festival was known as the U.S. Industrial Film Festival. Twenty-eight awards were given at the first ceremony, held in 1968 in Chicago where the competition was located.


Formats of that period were 16mm and 35 mm filmstrips. Topics that first season included pollution, undersea warfare and public health. Still good topics today. Lasting names on the winner list in 1968 included AT&T, Lever Brothers, Shell Oil, Litton and United Way.


Amazing what has changed, and what stayed the same. Entries are now submitted digitally, and students are welcome. New categories this year include words not common in 1968 – “extended and mixed reality.”  The judges still have the decision power, assessing an entry on its own merit, not against others. Judging, in most cases, is done online.


Current awards include Gold Camera, Silver Screen, Certificate for Creative Excellence, Student Award Certificate, Best of Festival (Grand Prix) and the IQ One World Award.


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Best of Festival Winner


Entrant: Riga Tourism Development Bureau
Riga / Latvia
Sponsor/Client: Riga Tourism Development Bureau
Production Company: DDB Latvia & Nonsense TV


Watch the video “Insiders’ Guide to Riga”

Best of Festival Winner


“WHALE WISDOM” (Austria)

Entrant: Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH
Vienna / Austria
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Executive Producers: Susanne Lummer, Sabine Holzer


Watch the video “Whale Wisdom”


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Bestor Cram, president of IQ (from left); Liz Margolies, executive director of the National LGBT Cancer Network; Phyllis Famiglietti, editor of "What Goes Unsaid"; Lee Gluckman, Chairman of USIFVF and IQ Member


LGBT Cancer Network Award Received


Representatives from “What Goes Unsaid,” the 2019 IQ One World Award winner, received their award the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers at the group’s annual conference in Dublin, Ireland. It was presented by Bestor Cram, IQ president.


The winning work, from the National LGBT Cancer Network, New York City, addresses disparities in healthcare for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons. A statement from the Network notes the film "exposes the well-intentioned but misguided attempts at connection with trans and GNC patients, coupled with frank monologues about their REAL lives."


Liz Margolies, producer of "What Goes Unsaid" and Executive Director of the National LGBT Cancer Network, and Phyllis Famiglietti, editor of "What Goes Unsaid," accepted the award.
The IQ One World award is sponsored and selected by the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers whose judges considered its message powerful and much needed for an issue that is worldwide.


Entrant: National LGBT Cancer Network
New York, NY
Production Company: National LGBT Cancer Network and Films for Nonprofits New York, NY
Producer: Liz Margolies, LCSW
Cinematographer/Director: Ken Ross
Additional Credits: Editor: Phyllis Famiglietti;
Liz Ellis Victorini



Watch the video “WHAT GOES UNSAID”


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